• Muhammad Shafi Government Shalimar College,Lahore
Keywords: Media, Water Dispute, Environment, India, Pakistan


In this article, we will review Media’s role as an opinion operator to engage disputes and as peace maker particularly in India –Pakistan context. Media also serves the role as a conveyor belt to convey the demands and aspirations of the people to the leadership1. We will discuss different facts which are influencing media to toe a specific line. The role of civil and military establishments would be discussed in detail to look in this important factor. How establishments influence media houses and Anchors directly and why they are helpless to accept that influence. We will try to dig out that how media can be used to build public opinion across the border so that both countries can solve their long standing issues like European countries. We will also throw light on the capacity and capability of TV Anchors to change public opinion, Government policies as well as foreign policy. We will also engage the arguments of Pakistan’s renowned Journalists and TV anchors to draw any conclusion. The role of advertisers, ratings and revenue generation would also come under our radar. These factors are blamed for highlighting non-issue and putting real issues like illiteracy, hunger, pollution, health, sanitation on back burners. Why there is more focus on terrorism and extremism in spite of the fact that less people are suffering from them in contrast of social issues. We will also discuss some good and successful initiatives took by media and general public for the solution of common issues such as Hunger. An initiative started in India by the Name of Robin Hood Army comes to Pakistan through social media and now they are feeding more than Six hundred thousand needy people across South Asia from surplus food of hotels and restaurants which would otherwise goes to dust bins.