• Umber Bin Ibad Forman Christan College (FC College)
Keywords: Bollywood, Religious Pluralism, Ideology, identity constructs


The inter-subjective social life of Bollywood India finds itself within the competitive market economy where the significant thing is to move upward. The primary group identity seems to be constructed on the religious line, that is, to be Hindu. The Hindu identity considers itself a dominant category and leaves little room for the "Other", namely the Muslim. It does not acquire this role but only lately in certain historical time and space, namely after political division of India and entering into free market economy. The Hindu identity constructs on recalling of its historical repression that drives it to take certain orientation while encountering its Other. The orientation remains prevailed with the foregrounding of dominating its very other. The co-existence that was driven initially through Nehruvian ideological domination is shifted to the religious competitive identities playing on a religious ground in a time when religion becomes a private concern. Bollywood lives on an introjected Otherworld providing the very breathing ground to the old ideological traces, that is, of Indian nationhood where plurality co-exists. However, this very ground is tortured with the reflection of one’s repressed self. All the alternative spaces are becoming redundant due to the homogenizing cultural tendencies and the increasing over-shadowed holding of hierarchical power structure within interpersonal space.