• Riaz Ahmad Government College University Lahore
Keywords: Kasur, Punjab, Mansabdars, Mughal, Sikh


This article has something to do with the etymology of the name of Kasur, the genesis, historical evolution, importance and the development of the district of Kasur. Moreover, in an effort to answer the past factors behind the development and decline of the historical city Kasur, several historical events have been described and, to some extent, analyzed in a chronological order. Thus, this article has been compartmentalized into three historical phases. The first phase surveys the period up to the establishment of the Mughal Empire in India. The second phase deals with the developments from 1526 to the years of 1720-21. In the third stage there is a narration of the course of historical events which are really significant owing to its association with the establishment of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s rule in Punjab (1800).