• S. Fakharuddin Shah Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Keywords: Ustama Gall, Advisory Council, Wrore Pashtun, Reform Committee, Baluchistan States Union, Muslim League.


The British government announced the partition plan for India and Pakistan on June 3, 1947. The British administration appointed Shahi Jirga as an electoral college to decide the future of British Baluchistan. It finally gave its verdict in favour of Pakistan. Afterwards, top Pakistani leadership seemed ambitious to make the Kalat state as its part due to it geostrategic and geo-economic significance. It changed its mindset and expressed the intention of unconditional accession of the Kalat state to Pakistan. Given the precarious situation in and around the Khanate, the Khan finally signed an instrument of accession. The Baloch nationalists declined to accept the validity of instrument of accession and decision of Shahi Jirga. The Advisory Council was formed in June 1949 to make sure people’s participation in the governance of British Baluchistan. Another step taken in this direction was the appointment of the Reform Committee in October 1958. The central government decided to integrate four states of Kalat, Mekran,Kharan and Las Bela into Balochistan States Union.. One Unit Plan was made a part of 1956 Constitution. It was a fateful attack on the federal parliamentary set-up. Prince Abdul Kareem Khan did not reconcile to the changed status of the Khanate but his insurgency was put down by the Pakistani armed forces. Iron-fisted tactics of Ayub’s regime further inflamed the centrifugal forces in Baluchistan.