• Syed Munawar Abbas Government College University Lahore
Keywords: Democracy, Meritocracy, Institutional Development, Fair Elections, Pillars of State


Democracy is associated with the process of holding, free, fair and people-oriented elections and meritocracy is the result of this very kind of mature and institutionalized democracy. In this context, Whole of the region of south - Asia, specifically the case of states like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is quite relevant. Regarding India, being largest democracy, there is to some extent hopeful possibility of this very co-existence between democracy and meritocracy; because she is on the paths of political organization, political system and finally toward the achievement of political (mature) culture. But, other cases, especially of the state of Pakistan, which is relatively more influenced and gripped by colonial-oriented and institutionally over developed institutions and non-professionalism of true parliamentary practices, is still facing serious issues. Presently, these sorts of countries along with other internally and externally weak and dependent states (particularly of third world) are facing more obstacles and issues in this respect. True, vibrant and institutionalized process of democracy can lead concerned states and societies toward institutionalized and impartial meritocracy. Almost all Members of SAARC, particularly India (being an independent democratic state) and Pakistan (being dependent and controlled democratic state) can achieve this very goal through democratically institutionalized strength and responses, especially from three basic pillars of any state.

Concept Paper