• Irfan Waheed Usmani Government College University, Lahore
Keywords: Nation State, Imperialism, Territoriality, Empire


This article aims to establish a relationship between imperialism and territoriality, by arguing that a sense of territoriality has always been a part of imperial ambitions since the times immoral. By focusing this theme, it implicates the notions of imperialism and territoriality, in their broader connotations, that is both in their literal and metaphorical meanings. More significantly, this paper utilizes Chandra Mukerji’s notion of territoriality which, she has employed in her work The Territorial Ambitions and the Gardens of Versailles, by explicating this notion, as the “state of mind”.1 This article seeks to establish connections between two apparently disparate notions, by highlighting inherent sameness, between imperial ambitions and their fulfillment in forms of territorial acquisitions. If the later are construed as state of mind, then the apparent differences between these two notions is automatically eroded, as the imperial ambitions and territoriality in context of mentalities acquire the same meanings. This article is divided into three parts. The first part deals with different connotations of these two concepts. The second part explores the connections between imperialism and territoriality through the course of history. In this process, it also underscores, how this sort of consciousness of territoriality, was appropriated by the inhabitants or subjects of the imperial empires, and how it became part of their mind make up or world view.