• Adnan Tariq Government Degree College Raiwind, Lahore
Keywords: Pakistan, Post-Partition, Two Nation Theory, Historiography


This research paper is about the presentations of history of Pakistan in particular boundaries. History of Pakistan (post-partition) has been molded according to the wishes of state. State of Pakistan has patronized only determined lines to view the history of Pakistan. It encouraged the presentation of prescribed myths while producing works on history of Pakistan. Thus, statistic history became the predominant feature in the field of historiography. This first theme with witch this study is aimed at dealing is about the political history of Pakistan. This study will focus to bring into fore all the major sub-themes around which our history of Pakistan is being revolved. First of all, this history is nothing but the presentation of state version of history. All the events and ideological movements in history are presented according to the intentions of state. And secondly this history is written in a way that all the post partition events are mere extension of manifestation of two nation theory. Another current in the realm of historiography is that it produces such type of histories which ultimately promote the capitalistic values and thus provide a covered justification, viable for the smooth running of the capitalistic system. This work focus on the major themes produced by such type of guided orientation. These themes are state-centered and thus provide justifications to the special character of state and its policies. This study is aimed at exploration and compilation of all these prescribed myths which are used as major building blocks to promote the statistic version of historiography in Pakistan. This research seeks to identify that in the making of history state impressions have substantially been there to get patronize and to provide major orientation.