• Saeed Bhutta Punjab University, Lahore
Keywords: Oral History, Punjabi Literature, Epic, Social History, Var


The region of Punjab had been ruled by other nations for a long period of time. Therefore, the ruling nations used to declare their languages as the official language of the land. However, some families were considered to be custodians of social history and culture of Punjab as they preserved achievements of sons of soil and indigenous tribes in local language. The poet of this legendary epic poem, Mian Bhima, belonged to such a family. In this legendary epic poem, Mian Bhima, documented various battles between Kharal and Virak tribes which were two major tribes of the forest area between rivers Ravi and Chenab (i.e. Sandal Bar). Amir Singh, the central character of this epic story, was brave and courageous but he could not meet the criteria of high moral values. The culture and local value system of Punjab did not appreciate mere murderers. For Punjabi masses and folk morality, a hero or a great person must protect the highest values of life in the most difficult situations.